Skills Training and Counseling Programs

Skills Training and Counseling Programs- A major cause of youth and women unemployment and inaccessibility to entrepreneurship opportunity is believed to be the lack of empowerment through appropriate training. HELP Skill Training and Counseling and empowerment programs will also provide needed practical and sustainable skills trainings to women and youth, thereby enabling them to become productive citizens. The objective is to make youth and women in poor communities, self-dependent and self-sufficient  in support of sustainable livelihood. The focus of the training will entail the following concentrations:                                                                                                                   

Tailoring, Carpentry, Auto-mechanic, generators repairs, nursing-aide, computer training, and professional driving training                                                                                                                  

Additionally, small scale micro-loan initiative has been found to be very successful in improving the lives of women and youth by targeting poor countries. Micro-loans enables women to jump start small businesses which eventually will grow to become a major source of income to sustain the target beneficiaries and their families.  

Helen Teah Christian Institute

The Helen Teah Christian Institute -(H.T.C.I) is an academic initiatives of Help that addresses the educational needs of the poor communities. HTCI runs a full primary to secondary educational program that provides the opportunity for disadvantaged Liberian children to obtain effective and efficient education on a low cost basis. 

Scholarship Program

HELP has a strong and efficient management team that runs it day to day affairs. The team is headed by its Executive Director who is assisted by three principal Deputies: for Administration, Program and Finance. HELP will seek to maintain a high level of professional commitment to its core objectives. Its Advisory Board provides professional guidance, ensure quality performance and monitor all project activities.