Introduction to Organization


Empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy and social injustice through effective educational programs, skill training programs and trauma healing/counseling. 


Our goal is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential, while nurturing their self-esteem and self confidence.


  1. To provide educational services to unprivileged Liberians children and families affected by the Liberian Civil War. 
  2. To empower disadvantaged women, especially teenage mothers through skills training and social counseling.
  3. To use Christian principles in transforming the lives of our target group for the common good of humanity. 
  4. To partner with people and organizations of good will for the purpose of achieving our vision and mission.
  5. To engage in business ventures for the sole purpose of supporting and sustaining the common cause of our organization. 


Helen Teah is the founder and owner of this great institution.  She founded this organization in 2010, because of her passion for education and to make a critical difference in the lives of children.

Helen Education and Life Skill Program (HELP) is a humanitarian organization that  is currently working with poor communities in Liberia, West Africa.  The primary purpose of HELP  is to address the needs associated with poverty, lack of sustainable  life skill and illiteracy.

The organization was founded by Madam Helen Teah, a Liberian mother and humanitarian, who was overwhelmed by death and  extreme poverty among Liberian youth and women following the Liberian civil war.

Student Activities

Meet the Queen of Helen Teah Christian Institute

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